What's Stopping You? How asking one question motivated launching a lifestyle blog.

What's stopping you?

Young Broke Life has been sitting on my back burner for over eight years now. Yep, that’s right the concept of sharing how to live a fresh, vibrant life on a budget came together in 2010! As a single mother on an individual income for 6 of those years, financially I couldn’t afford the lifestyle I wanted. A group of friends and I would get together a few times a week to have what we called family dinner. A shared meal, swapping recipes, supporting each other through wins and losses, and most of all sharing our ideas, hacks, and dreams. Fast forward to 2018, my dear friend Mel started posting her healthy lifestyle point of view more and more on her Instagram. One night I asked her if she considered launching a lifestyle blog. Her response was one question back to me was “what’s stopping you?”. I had a ton of excuses but no real answers. 



Family Dinners with Friends

Family Dinners were our weekly moment to connect, share, eat, and support each other. Our dinners got to the point that I cooked a 3 course Thanksgiving for 36 of us. Some of the best times of my life were the weeks we regularly got together to break bread.

Over the years, I have attempted to write a vegetarian cookbook only to feel like I couldn’t perfect the photographs to share. I let my lack of self-confidence in writing, grammar, and content creation hinder becoming a blogger. I have had corporate jobs hit rock bottom or become all consuming as I worked up to promotions. As my children got older, there were school events to attend, homework to complete, and parent-teacher nights. For eight years I kept letting life be the excuse for all the false starts and never finishing let alone launching Young Broke Life. Maybe you are wondering why now? 

If not now, when? 

Later that week, after verbally vomiting my 100 reasons to Mel I was reading this post from my favorite local bloggers, New Darlings and why they started their lifestyle blog. Suddenly, like it wasn't obvious, it dawned on me that if I had started blogging 8 years ago I could have turned my passion into a full-time career as a lifestyle blogger by now. So here I am 8 years later with Young Broke Life’s first post. My Grandmother always told me it’s never too late to chase what you want. I was in my own way, and now I am stepping aside, jumping in, and answering… nothing is stopping me now!

I can't wait to share incredible keto recipes, host tours amazing Arizona homes, have you follow along with DIYs, learn from my travel tips, and become a part of the YBL community. Where we share how we have found to live a fantastic, vibrant, fresh life on a budget. I sincerely want you to subscribe here. This way I can keep you updated on events, contests, and all the YBL greatness.

If there is one thing you do after reading this, I hope it’s the motivation to honestly answer the same question that changed everything for me.  What’s stopping you?